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Leasing & Financing

More than 25 years of experience in the financing/leasing industry

For the past 8 years, solely dedicated to the coal mining industry

MEC understands mining equipment and operations. We recognize new/upgraded equipment will reduce down time, increase production, increase safety and reduce cost per ton.

Because MEC understands the challenges that the coal industry faces, we can structure opportunities to meet your customer’s cash flow requirements.

Today, traditional lending sources are critical of mining equipment and the industry, in general. MEC embraces, COAL.


  • Conserve capital for other expansion projects
  • Upgraded equipment will pay for itself by reducing cost per ton, with manageable monthly payments
  • Lease to own arrangements
  • Tax benefits with off Balance Sheet accounting treatment
  • Ability to return equipment upon completion of project

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Mining Equipment and Capital for Todays Mining Operators